Attack of the Pinterest Clones

[I]f you’ve been following my series of blogs about Pinterest (like this one!), then you know that I am a very loyal (borderline obsessed) Pinterest user. Since Pinterest’s rapid growth, there have been a number of “Me Too” sites popping up which share the same idea of placing favorite images into an organized area. Let’s take a look at 3 of these sites and I will point out a few different offerings that make them unique.



The closest competitor to Pinterest is Pinspire. Not only do they share the common word “Pin” in their name, but also similar keywords throughout their site. The layouts of Pinterest and Pinspire are almost identical with the majority of the same features.

With so many similarities between Pinterest and Pinspire, it is difficult to notice the one major difference between the two. Many brands on Pinterest has begun embracing the idea of contests, however Pinterest has not yet held a contest for all members. Pinspire is currently doing a special March Madness contest based on how frequent the user uses Pinspire. Points are awarded based on a “Pinpoint Scorecard” (see below). The users with the most “Pinpoints” at the end of the month win prizes. Pinspire is also embracing other social networks by advertising throughout their site that they are able to connect with the new Facebook timeline.

Pinpoint Scorecard


JuxtapostJuxtapost shares the same idea as Pinterest and Pinspire, however Juxtapost seems to be the answer to many frustrations shared with Pinterest and Pinspire. Privacy and the ease of organization is a key feature in Juxtapost. This site has a feature to have private boards, so unlike the social factor of Pinterest and Pinspire, Juxtapost has the ability to be purely a private organized section for a users’ thoughts and ideas. Postboards and images on Juxtapost are able to be exported onto an Excel spreadsheet to make it easier to plan and shop offline. Original links, descriptions, and posts are all included in the spreadsheets.

These types of websites are often used for party planning or interior design and Juxtapost has developed two ways to target these users. By having posts indexed by dominant colors, users are able to choose a color scheme and find images that share those colors. This can be especially useful when planning a wedding or decorating a room. When a user finds an image they like on Juxtapost, they are able to click a “More Like This” button, which will lead to images similar to that image (see below).

Juxtapost Image

The Fancy

FancyAnother similar site to Pinterest with a unique twist is The Fancy. This site is similar in that a user is able to curate images into organized lists. However, the target market for Fancy seems to be apparel, art, and gadget stores. Fancy prides itself on being “part store, blog, magazine, and wishlist”. When clicking on an image, the user is given the opportunity to go directly to the store to buy the item or there is an option to sell it, if the user’s store carries that same product (see below). By working with brands and stores, it is much easier to purchase the items you find and love through the site.

Fancy borrowed the idea of badges or “promotions” from FourSquare, users are awarded with promotion badges for frequent use of the site. The biggest difference between these other sites and Fancy is that Fancy has partnered with designers and stores to offer special rewards for users who “fancy” an image from their website. By installing the “Fancy It” extension to your computer, users are encouraged to visit a list of websites to receive a discount at checkout when placing an image in your “Fancy Lists”. By offering deals for frequent use and visiting featured websites, Fancy has the potential to become a mix between Groupon and Pinterest.

Fancy Buy It Sell It

Whether you are a fan of the social sharing aspect of Pinterest and Pinspire or the private organized layout of Juxtapost, these types of image organizing websites are only getting bigger and more popular; it seems like they are here to stay in the world of social media.

Happy pinning!

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