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When I joined Intrapromote nearly one year ago, I was told to (and that I could) “Bring my passion to work!” Thankfully, Intrapromote walks the talk and each day is filled with opportunities for our team to do just that. One of the things I am passionate about is Customer Service and so is our organization. What a great fit!

Through this and future posts, my goal is to deliver insights and inspiration for leaders and their teams to shift the paradigms of traditional service structures and cultures; and to provide tips and content to further any organization with a charter to integrate customer service into each and every role, in all types of organizations.

Internally, we’ve coined our own hash tags like #maketheirday and #mademyday to capture and reinforce stellar moments when we win the hearts of our clients and/or each other and we want to “share the love”. (Yes, internally, we treat each other as Customers first). We also have a culture of caring and live the Intrapromote way everyday, carrying that through to our own clients and customers, our partners and into our communities. We embrace the concept of customer service and client management by building customer service leadership in each and every role in every organization; and by holding each other accountable internally for the same stellar service attributes we want our clients to experience. It’s what makes Intrapromote not only a great place to work, but also a great company to partner with.

What does customer service really have to do with a boutique search and social media marketing agency?”

Everything and empathy.

Like you, because we expect so much from our people, we realize that our people expect a lot from us as a company. We strive to make Intrapromote THE place to work and there is nothing we enjoy more than deploying our people to serve our clients knowing that they have the client’s best interest in mind.

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