Don’t Forget the “Who” Of Search Engine Optimization

Do you think of the target market in your SEO plans

Do you consider the target market enough in your SEO plans?

In Marketing and business in general, a company must constantly work around the nucleus of the customer.  This is, has been and always shall be the focus of business.  Not every company or industry has the same type of customer though, so it’s important to never forget who your target market is.  A company’s target audience can change, and they can adapt, so the company has to constantly monitor and adapt their strategy and approach to continue maximizing production.  For a Search Engine Optimization company, it’s imperative to keep the target market in mind as well to create a different kind of impact.

Some of the key elements of a target market greatly revolve around demographics.  Age, salary, gender, location, education (demographics) and many more are all ways to measure and categorize your potential customer.  There’s a strong similarity to the information that Google Analytics provides company websites and there’s a reason for that.  This is the important information that you have to pay attention to in order to have continued success and growth as a company no matter what industry you’re in.  Target market analysis or the “who” of why you build a website needs to be continuously balanced with the “what” or structure, content, and technical aspects of a website.

When working in SEO, you might get caught up in a lot of the technical aspects of websites, Google analytics and search results, which are more of the products of the work you do as an SEO specialist.  Work as an SEO specialist may include content creation, link development tactics, keyword research, on page optimization, and increasingly more social media.  Ultimately all of these are tools to drive exposure, awareness and especially sales to customers.  To continue to maximize your search engine impact in exposure, awareness and sales, don’t forget the traditional marketing tactic of knowing your target market.

  • Are there personas; are there ages or a gender that your product, content or service lends itself to the most?
  • Do you have multiple segments you are targeting?
  • How organized is your content and SEO efforts to reach its targeted segment?

These are all questions you should be asking as an online marketing, or search engine optimization specialist.  Sometimes with all of the technical aspects and jargon we drown ourselves in, we put the human aspect or personal touch on the back burner.  If you want to optimize your online marketing presence and search engine ranking to best of your abilities, just make sure to remember you’re still talking to people and not computers.

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