I See Your “Google It” and Raise You a “Bing It”

Hi. My name is Caleb, and I’m a Bing user. Yeah, you read that right. For most of my search queries I go to the little guy currently holding about an 18-19% search market share. Why do I use Bing? Well, for a number of reasons.

First, the results are actually pretty solid in my opinion. I haven’t done any scientific comparisons between Bing and Google, but when I plug queries into Bing, I can typically find the information that helps solve my problem without an unnecessary amount of scrolling and clicking. I will admit, if I’m not happy with my Bing results, I’ll move on to Google. However, this is rare, and getting rarer.

Second, I’m using it in a way to kind of stick it to the man (read: Google). As an SEO, I’ve never welcomed Google’s hiding of coveted keyword-level traffic data. Is my switch making a big impact? Of course not, but it’s the principle, and I’m big on principles.

Last, I’m a “gamer”, and specifically an Xbox 360 gamer. For just searching, Bing rewards you with credits you can cash in on a number of items, including charitable contributions, shopping, dining, entertainment, and my favorite, Xbox Live digital gift cards. I use those to purchase game expansions and movie rentals. You can also cash in Bing rewards credits on Amazon gift cards, and who doesn’t use Amazon these days?

I also like using the Trending Searches area as a way to help stay on top of subjects in the news. Now, a lot of the trending subjects are fluff and pop culture (ie. the Tom Cruise / Laura Prepon rumors below). But I’m okay with that. That stuff can be fun, too. However, for the most part, the trending searches are a good mix of actual news and current events along with the aforementioned fluff.

Bing Trending Searches

Similar to Google, Bing also offers users a lot of different search category types to help you drill down for a specific types of results. Such as images, video, news, maps, travel, translate, and on and on. Many of these work about as well on Bing as they do on Google. However, I do not include Bing Maps in that list of services. They’re fairly terrible, to be honest, so Google Maps are still my default for looking up addresses and finding directions.

If you’re a regular Google user, I encourage you to “Bing it”. At least take a week and give it a go. If you don’t enjoy your search experience, I don’t think the big guy is going anywhere without you. If you do give Bing a try, I also encourage you to come back and leave me your thoughts in the comments section.

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Caleb Dann

Caleb Dann

Strategist, Organic Search at Intrapromote
Caleb "Handsome" Dann is an SEO Campaign Director at Intrapromote and wow, can he direct and strategize. With his ever trusty sidekick, Violet the Boston terrier, he routinely makes plans to take over the world (one beard at a time). Caleb knows only one speed when it comes to his SEO proficiencies: warp speed. And we're happy to be along for the ride. He's also one of our Star Wars geeks who thoroughly enjoys trivia contests. And good beers. And fashionable facial hair.
Caleb Dann
Caleb Dann
Caleb Dann


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