Online Risk Management: Actions Speak Louder than Words

[M]obile device and distributed workforce proliferation have created myriad ways that sensitive data can leak onto the public Internet. If you’ve read your umpteenth article about how your company should set up a corporate data security policy and are ready to take the next step towards reducing your risk of a data leak, we recommend a three prong strategy to put some teeth in your data security plan:

1) Integrate HR and IT to assign real consequences to employees who are lax with their data security compliance and those individuals who intentionally disable security features on their devices. Take the time to have employees sign a data security policy and conduct quarterly data security refresher courses. Educate and inform and show leadership on this issue; these actions can help save your company from a data security nightmare.

2) Check into Cisco’s enterprise mobility offerings especially their Secure Services Client that can keep your company’s data secure and still allow employees to use their own devices. The key point from Cisco that resonates is this: “Enforce corporate compliance across all wired and wireless endpoint devices.”

Still not convinced about the risks that unsecured devices present? Look at this quote from ITWorld’s ‘Corporates struggle to secure employee mobile devices‘ and think about how unsecure mobile devices can be posing a threat to your company’s data security right now:

“What is clear is that personal mobile devices outnumber managed ones by nearly three to one on some networks, which begs the question of how a company can secure so many devices that don’t belong to them.”

3) Determine your current online risk status with Intrapromote’s Internet Reputation Management service. First we’ll tell you where potential data security problems exist today. Next we’ll institute our proprietary methodology to proactively discover, lock down, and remove sensitive data from where it resides on third party sites. Then our continuous monitoring provides the perfect complement to your security policies and mobility security initiatives.

Take steps now to protect sensitive data. Intrapromote can provide you with a custom Internet Reputation Management proposal to assess your needs.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Lisa Santora is the freshest copywriter this side of the Mississippi (and quite possibly on the other side too) and we count ourselves among the fortunate ones just to know her. Lisa heads up our content optimization teams and is also among the most brilliant in the industry when it comes to Online Press Optimization and content marketing. Lisa has a knack for not only turning a nifty phrase but also making our clients smile on a regular basis.

Lisa not only knows the best uses of commas and apostrophes but she’s also an expert on sports (football specifically). We have no doubt that we lucked out in nabbing Lisa for our team before someone hired her as the General Manager of an NFL team. Lisa blogs about content marketing strategies, online press trends and other Google news on Above the Fold & Socially Acceptable.[/author_info] [/author]

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