Newsletter Adds New Data Types for Audiences, Creative Works

About a week ago, rolled out some new data types and properties, most notably within the CreativeWork and Intangible data types. This correlates with an announcement that Schema “is approaching a full 1.0 release but that we still have a few additions to make before we declare we’re at a full 1.0.” (I recommend reading through this entire thread for further context on my post.)

Following are a few screen shots that show the new types and properties highlighted in yellow. The first show shows several changes within CreativeWork:

New data types and properties for CreativeWork and some of its children.

New data type and property additions for CreativeWork and some of its child types. (Click for slightly larger version.)

The next shot shows changes made to child types within Intangible:

New child types and properties within the Intangible data type.

Changes to Intangible include many audience child types and properties.

And finally, a change to Product and a new type, Property:

New property and a new type, Property.

A new property for Product and a new type, Property.

Here is the global list of types that are new or have new child types or properties:

We obviously haven’t seen usage in the wild yet, but we’ll certainly let you know if we do. We watch the hierarchy pretty closely, and we’ll continue to post updates.


Erik Dafforn
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Erik Dafforn
Erik Dafforn
Erik Dafforn


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