Socially Stellar – How Customer Care Organizations Can Shine through in Social Media

Taking your customer care organization to new heights in the social space can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that it’s more manageable than you may think and chances are if you have a social presence or are planning one, you have some successes under your belt with your off-line strategies to be leveraged in the social space.

The sense of urgency that may be encouraging you to make your online presence known to your customers may be high. After all, even without any proactive marketing, if you have a social presence on Twitter and Facebook alone, customers will find you, especially if they are seeking help online and have been conditioned to do so instead of calling your call center.

Let’s face it, even without a social presence, they may already be talking about you online when they are seeking assistance or have already formed an opinion sharing their sentiment widely. When this happens, the sense of urgency for response is created for you by customer demand. Taking best practices for social media to a tactical level of detail should on the top of your list to help communicate and manage the experience for your customers and for your agents on the front line.

Here is a quick hit checklist for starting your process whether social media programs are borne out of marketing, PR, or YES-your care organization.

Have a vision for how social media will improve and build upon the customer experience.
• If you have customers who won’t initiate communication with you when they require assistance by calling, shift some resources to online to find and address these customer needs.
• Align with other organizations early. Stay in tune with marketing, PR and other key stakeholders when working with customers; and leverage their experience and guidance when necessary.
• Define your stakeholders, including your supporting organizations and let them know what you are doing and what you may expect from them to support processes that include social media considerations.

Integrate social media into your customer care strategy.
• Make it a part of the existing strategy.
• Evolve processes to include social media practices that work for your organization and your customers.
• Include social media in ongoing development of new programs and in standard training.

Train your agents.
• Consider the social media agents as your Renaissance team to keep them learning, growing, sharing their new talents and experience. It will be an evolving process.
• Don’t rush. Sense of urgency is high, especially if the customer experience shared online may have been less than stellar, but responding in a haphazard way can be worse than offering efficient and effective value.
• Give agents time to be true and transparent and deliver their best.

Set standards for communication and align your team.
• Not all communication needs to be completed on line. Invite customers to email, chat or call when appropriate. Personal details and respect for confidentiality should be a high priority.

Have fun.
• Creating customer care programs in social media can be a very rewarding experience for your customers, your agents and your business.
• Create your legacy on line with your service-mined social culture.
• Share your successes and never stop learning.

Make their day!

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