Why Video Marketing is Fresh, Really Fresh

[I]n my last blog post, I talked about re-purposing content as press release attachments. As promised, in this post I’d like to discuss embedding video into your press release; and it is very easy. We also are going to discover how to take advantage of Google’s new “Freshness Update.” (Can you tell I like the word “fresh”? I’m just getting started!)

Did you know that eMarketer reports that 68.2% of the US Internet audience are online video viewers? Check out this graph:

US Online Video Viewers

Your target audience needs a compelling reason to share your press release. Adding video to your release is one way to make this happen.

There is never a “perfect” time to start adding video to your releases. Next week, next month…well, you’ll always be too busy to get started, so why not now?

I suggest you create short (around 2 minute) videos that complement your release. For example, if your release is focused on your newest product, create a short product demo video. Keep it relevant and really newsworthy; as you want your release to be attractive to journalists. Consider adding some humor to your video if possible. Also if you can get multiple people to appear in your video, it will have a more social tone.

Youtube Share

Embedding a video into a release you plan to syndicate via PRWEB is easy. Simply choose the $369 syndication level and grab the “embed code” from your YouTube video and add it to your release. There is a special section in the release submission form on PRWEB to do this. Here are the instructions for obtaining the embed code from your YouTube video (courtesy of YouTube):

  1. Click the Share button located under the video.
  2. Click the Embed button.
  3. Copy the code provided in the expanded box.
  4. Paste the code into your blog or website.
Another syndication service that I like is I have used this service a number of times and it offers a variety of syndication tiers where you can embed video and slide shows.

Now tie it all together: You’ve created some killer videos and you’re featuring them in your releases. You tweet the releases, you link to them on Facebook; but this is just the start. Google’s new “Freshness Update” is a big opportunity for you to refresh your online newsroom so it’s timely and engaging. Your video supercharged press releases can live there (remember to add the “original author” tag to your HTML code) along with all the components of your media kit.

The Freshest Newsroom Contest


Today I’m announcing the Freshest Newsroom Contest. In each of my next few blog posts I’ll examine one really fresh newsroom that combines great usability and frequently updated content. With Christmas approaching, images of electronic gifts may be dancing in your head. Those of us who eat, drink and sleep PR are also thinking Best Buy; but for different reasons.

This Week’s Freshest Newsroom Nominee: Best Buy

Best Buy Newsroom

What’s Fresh About It:

  • Content is broken down into easily scannable chunks
  • Slider provides short, digestible (yummy) news and notes
  • CEO page link is highly visible (Great page, too, the CEO really wants to communicate with consumers.)
  • All media tools (links to releases, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds are in one box above the fold)

In early 2012 I’ll announce the contest winner. The prize? Why the Freshness Blue Ribbon of course!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Lisa Santora is the freshest copywriter this side of the Mississippi (and quite possibly on the other side too). We count ourselves among the fortunate ones just to know her. Lisa heads up our Content Optimization teams and is also among the most brilliant in the industry when it comes to Online Press Optimization and Content Marketing. Lisa has a knack for everything “fresh” (her favorite word) and also making our clients smile on a regular basis. Lisa not only knows the best uses of commas and apostrophes but she’s also an expert on sports (football specifically). We have no doubt that we lucked out in nabbing Lisa for our team before someone hired her as the General Manager of an NFL team. When Lisa is not the featured caller on football talk radio, she blogs about content marketing strategies, online press trends and other Google news on Above the Fold & Socially Acceptable.[/author_info] [/author]


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