Yesterday’s Tactics Can’t Stop Tomorrow’s Data Breaches

Posted by James Gunn and Lisa Santora

Big brands use modern methods for their search and social marketing campaigns. Yet many data breaches are due to reliance on outdated methodologies; brands are literally relying on the horse and plow when it comes to securing their assets from cyber criminals.


Give these guys a rest.


Accelerating cyber threats demand greater attention and vigilance than many companies are able to allocate, even if they can commit internal resources to the effort. Twitter and Facebook represent only a fraction of the networks and sites available for sophisticated online data mining.  Potentially sensitive data is also being viewed and shared now on social networks, forums and sites that make it easy for people to rapidly transmit this information across the globe in a matter of seconds.  Small pieces of data can be assembled into a surprisingly detailed target profile:


Targeted Web Searches + Google Earth + YouTube + Internet Images + Social Networks = Complete Profile Of Your Brand 

This didn’t have to happen:

20,000 Patient Records Leaked in Stanford Hospital Breach

Neither did this:

Sensitive University of Georgia employee data posted online

And it will be a long time before people forget about them, since they’re constantly reminded every day on the first page of Google search results. 

Over the last few months we’ve studied the increasing incidence of online data breaches. Short of the standard reputation management services, we discovered that companies were mostly cobbling together solutions to protect their sensitive data. We also noted the frustration of administrators who all face these same four problems:

1. How to lock down and exclude sensitive data from the search engines

2. How to discover where their data already resides online

3. How to find out who in their circle of employees and associates has access to this data

4. How to monitor sensitive data’s transmission across the Internet

In 2011 alone the number of data breaches and hacker attacks has skyrocketed. Gen. Keith B. Alexander, commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, director of the National Security Agency and chief of the Central Security Service, recently stated that more powerful safeguards are needed than reactive cyber breach repairs and computer firewalls. That’s why new methods need to be developed to track where data is stored, limit who has access to it, and ultimately protect your brand’s reputation.

Let us know if this subject concerns you. We can discuss data visibility and access prevention options that fit your needs.


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